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Hypsizygus is a small genus of fungi that are widely distributed in north temperate regions. The genus was circumscribed by Rolf Singer in 1947. The genus contains the species H. tessellatus, one of the shimeji mushrooms in Japanese cuisine.

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Ivory shimeji

Shimeji mushrooms have meaty taste. Their texture is firm. These mushrooms are used in preparation of soups and stir fried items. These mushrooms are also ideal for casseroles. It is important to cook these mushrooms before serving them. Raw shimeji mushrooms have a bitter taste. Cooked shimeji mushrooms are flavourful. It is best to use Shimeji mushrooms in combination with other vegetables because they are rich in Umami compounds. Umami compounds are known for enhancing the flavour of food.


Shimeji mushrooms are rich in glycoprotein (HM-3A), marmorin, beta-(1-3)-glucan,  hypsiziprenol, and hypsin. These compounds inhibit the proliferation of various cancer cells such as leukemia, hepatoma, breast, sarcoma, lung carcinoma cells. Thus, Shimeji mushrooms caps are a potential good natural source of anticancer agents.


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